What is Textual Geographies?

The Textual Geographies project presents, analyzes, and visualizes a collection of more than 14 billion named locations extracted from 10 million books and journals in English, German, Spanish, and Chinese published from the early days of print to the present.

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Notice to Users

This site is currently in pre-alpha form and under active development. Features will break, change, and become unavailable without warning. The underlying dataset is complete, but has not been reviewed and corrected. Data will change in the future and may change from day to day. Site performance is uneven; some queries can take many minutes to run. Users are advised to limit queries to individual nations (or U.S. states) and to periods not exceeding 20 years unless they are prepared for long waits. Note that results caching is in place; queries that have been executed recently (by any user) should complete very quickly. If visualizations are not diplaying properly, try reloading and/or using Google Chrome.